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April – The Month of Fulfillment!

Seed:  Sow quick-flowering annuals like Namaqualand Daisies during the first week, but not later, or it may be too cool for germination.

Bulbs:  Plant Tulips during the second half of April and as late as the first week of May.  But not later or they will bloom during hot weather.  Hyacinths should be planted later than the first week of April.  All other bulbs planting should have been completed by the end of March.  (Pre-cooled bulbs can be planted later).

Water spring-flowering bulbs and annuals regularly and well.
Water evergreens regularly.
Water frequently if the weather is hot and dry.

Lawn:  If lawns begin to turn brown, do not mow any more.  Trim edges to give a neat winter appearance.  Where lawns remain green, mow regularly.  Water and mow evergreen lawns.

Leaves: Stack/collect fallen leaves with layers of rotten manure so that they can rot down on their own.  Moisten occasionally.