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Succulent Wall Art

Vertical plantings and gardens are still very much in!!  They can be a whole wall – even entire buildings are sometimes covered with living plants.

Succulent Frame

A simple frame, planted with suitable plants and then hung on the wall as a living artwork will give live to any area in your garden.  These frames filled with succulents are prime examples of vertical gardening on a small scale.  The key to success is keeping the planted-up frame on the ground for long enough to allow the roots to establish.  If it’s hung up prematurely the entire planting will collapse and literally fall out of the frame.

What you will need: 

  1. A suitable metal and wire frame,
  2. coir lining / or an old suitable deep picture frame,
  3. plastic lining,
  4. potting medium,
  5. peat moss,
  6. bonemeal
  7. and a selection of plants

Succulents requires full sun or dapples shade. 
Watering after hanging becomes slightly more challenging and
its best achieved through regular misting with a fine sprayer.

What to do:

  1. Line the outer wire edges of the frame with coir. 
  2. On the inside of the coir, line the frame with plastic. 
  3. Mix potting medium of one part potting soil and one part peat moss. 
  4. Fill the entire frame inside the plastic with this medium, pressing down firmly. 
  5. Cut off any excess plastic, and with a sharp instrument, puncture drainage holes into the base.
  6. Add  bonemeal and mix. 
  7. Plant by making individual holes, firming each plant into position with you fingers, filling up the whole frame.
  8. Place the planted frame flat on the ground and water thoroughly. 
  9. Leave to become established for 4-6 weeks before hanging vertically against a wall.